AtmosSoft CCG
AtmosSoft Tokenomics
The $ATMSSFT token is the main token of the ecosystem. Token utility will be as follows:
    It will also be the main governance token for the CCG. Players will vote on game balances, and updates.
    Will be able to use as an in-game currency.
    Will be able to stake and farm to earn passive rewards (other tokens and NFTs)
    The token supports a transfer fee tax that will be used to continue to populate the game treasury. Currently the fee is set at 2%.
    The token contains a function to be able to block bots when we can catch them.
NOTE: Slippage should be set to 2.5 on the DEX.

Token Distribution

The distributions would be as follows (subject to minor adjustments based on IDO details). All these figures are approximate due to how DxSale allocates the tokens. A % of tokens went to DxSale as part of their fees. And, since the IDO hard cap did not reach, the excess tokens were burned. Therefore, the maximum possible circulating supply is closer to around 38M.
40M maximum Supply
IDO: 15%
Game mining: 35% Held in treasury to provide play-2-earn game rewards. These are locked into a timelock until the game is ready. Currently for 31 days. The contract is here: If the game is not ready when this timelock is released, it will be relocked up.
Liquidity: 5% (Locked). Auto-locked on PCS via the DxSale process. Additional locked liquidity has been added to BabySwap.
Team Vesting: 3% (equally over 12 months). Locked into this contract:
Starting Budget: 2%
Staking and Liquidity Mining: 40% Held in treasure to support Farming/Staking for $ATMSSFT rewards. These are locked into a timelock contract that allows a release of 200K tokens every 7 days. The contract is here:

Fund/Token Usage

    Marketing and Partnerships
    Game Development
    Contract Audits
    Card Design/Development
    Farming rewards
    In game play-2-earn rewards
    Farming Tokens for each game leader.
Funds from NFT sales go to the project budget for additional marketing and partnerships. In addition, these funds can be used for buy-back burns as well as buying other tokens to reward from staking opportunities.
A combination of the above funds will be used to fund the development of the CCG. This work will be outsourced to an Indie game development studio in which we have already established partnership with.
The key NFT sales that will provide the additional funding will be from the team leaders initially. These will be sold in BNB. The additional cards that form the base set will be available using $ATMSSFT.
NFT Supply is fixed* and is as follows. Once sold out, there can never be any more.
Ultra Rare: 400
Rare: 600
Common: 900
*Note that Purple Monster, part of 1st release has the supply limit enforced by setting a ridiculously high BNB price. All other NFT contracts have the indicated limit enforced as described above.
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